The Weekly Breeze


Why do we read?

We all wish we had more time to read. We pick up books to try and expand our knowledge, to pursue interests, for entertainment, and to find ways to improve ourselves. We learn lessons from those who have experienced what we are facing, and gain insight into nurturing strengths or overcoming adversity. Reading is one of the only ways to continue educating ourselves, to build our knowledge base and to continue to grow. We read with the best of intentions, but once we finish a book, we put it back on our shelf and what do we really walk away with? How often do we revisit these books? How often do we take action based on this newly acquired information? Reading takes precious time from our lives, and if we have a specific reason for reading a book other than pure entertainment, why pick it up in the first place? There are more distractions than ever fighting for your attention today, and many of those distractions offer immediate gratification - It is harder than ever to sit down and focus. We created the Breeze to build a community, promote discussion, challenge ideas, and work together to find what we can walk away with after reading books. We are here to focus on actionable items to help us apply what we read to our daily lives rather than letting knowledge dwindle away. There are a few angles to this approach:

  • Discussion reinforces and challenges ideas forcing deeper thinking and understanding. 
  • Action puts learnings into practice and tests theories in real-world situations with infinite variables.
  • Consistency (The “Weekly” Breeze) builds habits, and pushes us to grow by exposing our strengths and weaknesses

By focusing on Business and Psychology, and finding ways that we can apply new concepts or ideas, we can find strategies that can help us in all aspects of our lives. Picture your knowledge as a tree; each book read builds off of a foundation of what you already know and spreads its branches out. The more we read, the more we make connections and find consistencies to tie back to one another, reinforcing each branch. Each Sunday morning we send one email to you with an article to give you some thoughts to reflect on or implement in the coming week. We also include any other articles that we think are relevant to that week's theme to reinforce what we read, and a relevant video to help demonstrate how this knowledge might be applied. Start your week with a small building block of ideas and see what it grows into.